What is BlinkTo?

BlinkTo is the Best Free Bookmark Manager. BlinkTo gives you the freedom to access your bookmarks from home, the office, the classroom anywhere in the world where there is a web-connected computer.

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Why do I need BlinkTo?

1. You need access to your links not just on one computer but anywhere at anytime.
2. Browsers cramp bookmarks into hard to navigate menus. BlinkTo conveniently lays them out on a full page. With full control over icons and background colors, it's a snap to find your links.
3. It's hard to backup browser bookmarks (or favorites) and a crash can wipe out months of research. BlinkTo bookmarks are backed up every day.

How do I add bookmarks to BlinkTo?

Through a simple link that you place in your browser. A simple click will save a bookmark to the web site that you are on.

How do you know which site I am on when I add a bookmark?

The link we place on your browser will send the address and title of the web site you are visiting to BlinkTo servers, when you click on it. This is simple link not a software that you install. It cannot be activated unless you click on it and can't be used to track your general Internet usage.

How do I access my BlinkTo bookmark list?

Two options: Through a simple link that you place in your browser or by making BlinkTo as your browser's home page.

Is BlinkTo secure?

BlinkTo doesn't require any software installation making it a very secure solution. BlinkTo cannot access your files, usernames, passwords, and has no ability to track your general Internet usage.

Are my bookmarks open to public viewing?


How many bookmarks can I store in BlinkTo?

There is no limit to the number of bookmarks you can store.

How does BlinkTo pay it's bills?

Through advertising and associate programs. BlinkTo doesn't sell any user specific information.

Does BlinkTo block pop-ups?

No. Blink to is not a pop-up blocker.

Does BlinkTo verify or endorse the content of the sites that it displays?

No. BlinkTo links to external web sites and doesn't verify, control or endorse their content.

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